Q - Do the Hotel Cards expire?

A – The Hotel Cards will expire one year from the date they are issued. (Date of contribution).


Q - Can I use more than one Hotel Card on a single trip?

A – No, only one Hotel Card may be used per reservation.


Q - Will I get an actual card in the mail?

A – No, you will be sent an email immediately after making your contribution that will include your Hotel Card number and a link for activating that card. If you choose to ‘gift’ your Hotel Card at the time of your contribution, the recipient will receive this information.


Q -   Does the Hotel Card have to be used when it is activated?

A - No, the Hotel Card can be used anytime after activation and prior to expiration.


Q - Can I use the Hotel Card to book any hotel listed on FundsForEducation.net?

A – Yes, any of the 60,000+  hotels can be booked through The Hotel Card Network, subject to availability.


Q - Is The Hotel Card Network my only option?

A - Yes, the Funds For Education program has partnered with, and is powered by, The Hotel Card Network.


Q – Are there any restrictions when using the Hotel card to book a hotel reservation?

A – Yes, the $75 and $100 Hotel cards require a minimum two-night stay. You may make reservations up to four months out from the date of booking.


Q - What credit cards can be used when making a contribution?

A - VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover can all be used.


Q - Is my contribution tax deductible?

A – No, since you will be receiving a “Gift in kind” (the FFE Hotel Card) of equal or greater value in return for your contribution.


Q -   Can I ‘gift’ the Hotel Card to someone else?

A –  Yes, you may do that at the time you make your contribution.


Q – What if the school I want to support isn’t listed?

A - You may add new schools at any time by clicking on the www.fundsforeducation.org home page link “Contribute Now”.     Your contribution will be sent to the school along with an invitation to join the Funds For Education family.


Q - Can I contribute any amount I want to my favorite school?

A – You will have four contribution options with Funds For Education:


$20 contribution for a $25 card       $40 contribution for a $  50 card

$60 contribution for a $75 card       $80 contribution for a $100 card

If you would like to contribute a larger amount, you may re-enter the portal and make additional contributions.


Q - Can airline, car reservations or cruises be made at the same time I am making my hotel reservations with the Hotel Card?

A – No. Airline and car reservations, as well as cruise bookings, may be made directly through the www.fundsforeducation.net site, but not as a package with hotels, at this time.

Please DO include airline,car rental and cruises whenever possible because your schools also receive a contribution from Funds For Education based on all of your travel expenditures booked through Funds For Education/Hotel Card Network.    


Q - Where do contributions made through Funds For Education go?

A - All revenues earned through Funds For Education go directly to the school and club/organization of your choice.


Q – Am I limited to the number of contributions I can make to Funds For Education?

A – No, you may visit your school’s website or www.fundsforeducation.org as often as you wish to make contributions to support education.