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Funds For EducationTM offers specific programs to meet fund-raising goals for Educational programs. Each contribution made to your organization is rewarded with our Hotel Gift card, backed by the Expedia Affiliate Network. Our programs require NO set up fees, NO monthly maintenance fees and NO capital outlay for inventory and, once set in place, provide a year-round, 24/7 fundraising campaign for your benefit. Select the program below that best suits your needs and contact us at for further details on how your organization can benefit by implementing Funds For EducationTM .

K – 12

Funds For EducationTM (FFE) allows elementary, middle and high schools to attract additional revenues to their PTA/PTO/PTSO’s and the many clubs within the schools. With cut-backs affecting every aspect of education, today, our emphasis is to drive contributions to the club/organization level within your school to directly benefit the students. Programs such as Drama, Band, Football, Debate and many more are in need of support for their programs and FFE works in partnership with you to create new opportunities and achieve success. FFE’S ‘designed to specification’ software system allows the supporters of your school and its programs to specifically select the club they wish to contribute to. In appreciation for their generous support, your contributors will receive the FFE Hotel Gift Card, of greater value which is powered by The Hotel Card Network.



University alumni groups can now create additional revenues through Funds For EducationTM. Your alumni can generously support your education foundations, scholarship funds and endowment programs by contributing through Funds For EducationTM each and every time they travel. We can tailor a specific campaign to attract interest and revenues to support your important efforts.



With alumni totaling in the tens of thousands and as high as 200,000+, your alumni association will greatly benefit through a Funds For EducationTM campaign. Statistics indicate that fraternity and sorority alumni travel at greater frequencies than the average. You can now put these travel dollars to work for your association! Enhance your scholarship, house fund and endowment programs while providing your members with a valuable benefit they can use each and every time they travel. Contact us now to learn how we can design a program that achieves significant fund-raising results for you.



There is no greater need today than to support education. With your corporate endorsement of Funds For EducationTM , your company can support local schools and the scholastic and intramural programs that are in desperate need of funds. Offer your employees and customers the ability to contribute to your selected schools or, the schools of their choice. Funds For EducationTM is a WIN –WIN for all parties. Support our cause today!
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